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OKAY WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN OkaY I KEep seeing fanart of kages with a tiny crown and im like ??? fairy god parent???? BUT THEN WAIT WHAT IF THE SETTERS WERE ALL FAIRY GODPARENTS ok bye


「大王様」 及川徹
"The Grand King" Oikawa Tooru 

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[[September 2013]] ♥
関平 cn ROADscream 路
関興 cn Tsubaki 趙巴祺
関索 cn Mio澪
関銀屏 cn Mao



I’m so tired of people telling me German is an “ugly, angry” language. When my German teacher tells us jokes it’s the sweetest, happiest language in the world. When I teach my father the word for daughter he smiles, repeating “Tochter” to himself until he gets it right, and in that moment German sounds like pride. There’s nothing angry or ugly about a language that never says goodbye, only “until we meet again.”

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Day 6-Family/Fluff

I guess this is sorta both? Hahahaha

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07.20 // happy birthday to our grand king oikawa tooru ☆

N I S H I N O Y A   Y U U | G U A R D I A N   D E I T Y 
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