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BS Vol.231


Okay there is absolutely no doubt in my mind now that Hakuren and Hakuyuu are alive somewhere, thanks to the new image posted on Ootaka’s backstage:


The first time I thought about it was when I saw the sticker set. Hakuren and Hakuyuu, characters who only had less than ten panels between them, got their own sticker. Not only that, but they have official djinn equips, as well. And now, in an incredibly recent image, Hakuren, at least, has made a reappearance, and there is no doubt in my mind that Hakuyuu is off to the left. Why would these two minor characters, for all intents and purposes anyway, get so much mention and attention if they weren’t going to re-enter the story at some point?


Hakuren’s djinn equip is sort of scorpion-like, but perhaps it’s meant to be dragon-based, like Baal. Hakuyuu’s however, is definitely a leopard/cheetah, which gives us very few options for his djinn, if we were to go by the Ars Goetia and the descriptions of the spirits contained therein. My best guess, after consulting with my dear friend and incredibly observant partner in crime theshoresedge, and considering appearance, ability, and what we know of Hakuyuu as a person, is Ose. From the Goetia wiki:

Ose is a Great President of Hell, ruling three legions of demons. He makes men wise in all liberal sciences and gives true answers concerning divine and secret things; he also brings insanity to any person the conjurer wishes, making him/her believe that he/she is the creature or thing the magician desired, or makes that person think he is a king and wearing a crown, or a Pope.

Ose is depicted as a leopard that after a while changes into a man.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? The Hakuyuu we see speaking to Hakuryuu during the fire is clearly far from the calm, stern man we’re told Hakuyuu is; but he just saw his brother die, and is suffering madness from his wounds, right? Perhaps not. If Hakuyuu’s djinn is Ose, the two men we see with Hakuryuu may not have been his brothers at all, but two other people (palace servants, soldiers, personal allies, etc.) that he made believe were the imperial princes — if they were not complete illusions at all —  using Ose’s magic on Hakuryuu, as well, to make him believe that his brothers were there and dying. Or, one step further, taking all of these measures to make Gyokuen believe that she’d won against them. 

Something that’s been bothering me excessively though is why no one else will talk about the fire. Hakuryuu, while yes, a main character, is the only person who will bring it up. The closest we get to a mention of it by any other character is Kouen in chapter 208 when he mentions that the two legitimate successors died at some point within the last ten years, and I’m pretty sure that Hakuei doesn’t disagree with Hakuryuu when he confronts her about Gyokuen murdering their father and brothers after Gyokuen is announced empress (don’t have the chapter number off the top of my head whoops).

Maybe that last part has nothing to do with anything, but I still feel like it deserves mention. Opinions? Arguments? I’d like to get a discussion going.

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Translated by foraz-zora

This picture is one of the bonus illustrations for DVD Vol.9. There are 4 more people to the side. 

Thank you for reading this week’s Magi. I guarantee that I’m finishing off something that has a very light impression to be included in Sunday. I would say that recently I’m returning to drawing Aladdin and the others more, but because the Alma Toran arc was long it’s hard to get back my sense for them. Please take a look at the next chapter of Magi too. 

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